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Part no. 729C (M)
Diagonal Cable Tire Chain - Part no. 729C

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Product Code: 729C

  • Diagonal cross members provide for a smoother ride than traditional tire chains or cables.
  • ALLOY coils are more durable than typical cables with galvanized rollers.
  • Fast and easy installation - can be installed without moving the vehicle.
  • Meets SAE Class "S" requirements for vehicles with restricted wheel well clearances.
Chain adjusters are included.

Pre-fit chains prior to use.

Designed to fit the following tire sizes: 215/70R17; 225/70R17; 245/65R17; 255/55R17; 295/35R18; 235/50R19; 255/45R19; 285/30R19; 255/40R20; 275/30R20; 275/35R20; 285/30R20; 295/30R20; 235/30R22; 245/30R22; 225/60R18; 255/70R15; 275/60R15; 235/65R17; 235/60R18; 275/45R18; 275/40R19; 235/65R16; 265/45R18; 265/40R20; 225/55R18; 235/50R19; 235/70R15; 215/75R16; 235/60R17; 235/65R17; 225/75R16; 205/75-17.5; 245/70R15; 245/75R15; 225/70R17; 235/60R18; 29x9.50-15; 275/60R15; 245/65R16; 265/60R16; 245/60R17; 255/55R17; 225/60R18; 245/55R18; 225/55R19; 245/50R19; 245/45R20; 255/45R20; 245/65R17; 235/55R19; 225/75R17; 235/70R16; 8.75-16.5; 215/70R17.5; 215/80R16; 215/85R16; 235/75R15; 215/75R17.5

  • Diagonal Cross Cable Design
    Alloy Coil Rollers
    Easy Installation
    Smooth Ride
    Can be used on SAE class "S" vehicles

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